Saturday, 26 December 2015

7 Steps to Train Your Dog

You can train your dog some basic commands all by yourself. All you need is a clicker, some delicious treats and a little amount of patience. Follow these steps for five days and your dog will master a command.

  1. Location: Take your dog to a location which is calm and cool without much stimuli, preferably inside a room. 
  2. Click: Click randomly and give small pieces of treats just after clicking. Do it for two minutes and then take a break then Repeat. 
  3. Check: Click but don't give any food now. Check if your doggy is looking for treats. If No, then go back to the second step. If Yes, then your baby is ready for the next step. 
  4. Lure: Lure your dog with a hand full of treat to make him behave in a certain way. 
  5. Click: Click on the exact moment when your dog performs the desired behaviour.
  6. Treat: Give treat and immense amount of praise to make your dog realize that he/she has done a good job. 
  7. Command: When without luring your dog performs the desired behaviour, it's time to add a command for the behaviour. 
Now, practice, practice and practice... 

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